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  • Canada

Bixa Travesty

Brazil / 2018 / 75:00

Directors: Kiko Goifman, Claudia Priscilla

Portuguese with English subtitles

Meet Brazilian musician Linn da Quebrada, devoted Black and Trans activist, a self-described gender terrorist and a fierce performer. In Bixa Travesty she bursts onto the screen in all her righteous glory.

Emerging from the favelas of São Paolo, Quebrada is a startlingly original voice who, along with her friend and collaborator, Jup do Bairro, smash gender assumptions and racism with their electrifying live performances. In a series of frank interviews, Quebrada speaks candidly about her experiences as a black trans woman and about her steadfast commitment to self-love. But Quebrada’s vulnerable side is also revealed through intimate archival footage, including home movies that document her recovery from cancer.

Quebrada’s love for her body is especially vital in a society that doesn’t value black or trans bodies. She is bold, confident, and here to stay. The message in Bixa Travesty is one we all need to hear.