• Museum of Natural History (map)
  • 1747 Summer Street
  • Halifax, NS, B3H 3A6
  • Canada

Canadian Shorts

Museum of Natural History

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Apart from Everything

Canada / 2016 / 19:00

Director: Ben Lewis

After a two-year absence and a recent stint in rehab, Fran (Tatiana Maslany) returns to make amends with the girlfriend and the brother she left behind.

I Want to Kill Myself

Canada / 2017 / 9:00

Director: Vivek Shraya

Contemplating suicide: a biography.

Meet Me Under the Clock

Canada / 2017 / 16:00

Director: Sonya Reynolds and Lauren Hortie

An underground Halloween tradition in Toronto becomes an annual confrontation between an invisible gay community and the fascinated, often hateful public.

The Gift Giver

Canada / 2017 / 8:00

Director: Denis Theriault

A young man attends an HIV support group with the intention of purposely contracting the virus.

Picture This

Canada / 2017 / 33:00

Director: Jari Osborne

Picture This weaves together the intimate, unflinching testimonies of Andrew and Stella as they navigate sex and disability.

The Night Cleaner

Canada / 2016 / 5:00

Director: Blair Fukumura

Travis, a cleaner in Canada's busiest bathhouse, takes the audience on an amusing, sometimes harrowing tour through his nightly duties.